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11 reasons why going green is good for business

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Hopefully, if you’re reading this blog, it means that you’re already considering “going green." Many small business owners feel called to align their companies with their values, especially in the face of global climate change and a general shift towards better business practices. But in case you’re still worried that making your company more environmentally conscious might harm your bottom line, here are 11 reasons to put those fears away.

1. Reduced costs and expenses

Cutting down on unnecessary printing, shipping, electricity, and other forms of waste saves you money, in terms of hard costs and sometimes labor, as well.

2. Potential for grants, tax credits, and other monetary bonuses

Like college scholarships, you’d be surprised to learn how many grants, rebates, tax credits, and other monetary benefits there are to being a green business.

3. Increased morale

When employees feel good about what they do– and who they’re doing it for– they feel better about their work. Instant satisfaction boost!

4. Increased productivity

When employees feel good about their jobs, they work harder. Moreso than any monetary motivation, feeling an internal sense of satisfaction through your work drives effort and productivity.

5. Healthier workplace

Depending on what substances are in your workplace, making them ‘greener’ could have significant health benefits. From cleaning supplies to fragrances, actual ingredients or components to your production, swapping things out for less-toxic alternatives can have both short-term and long-term affects on your health.

6. Attracting ideal clientele

Do you ever work with a client that you just get, and it feels like every interaction is a collaboration? You’re on the same page and it’s wonderful and makes your work feel more pleasant? Being vocal about your values is one way to attract a clientele that’s more likely to fill your cup.

7. Marketing advantage

Simply put, getting to advertise yourself as an environmentally conscious company looks good. It gives you an edge over your competitors, and positions your company as a trustworthy entity!

8. Customer loyalty

Creating that trust with your audience, and by extension, your clients is an important first step in cultivating customer loyalty. Once your company is favorable in their eyes, they’re likely to keep coming back.

9. Innovation

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” If you dare to make even a small change in your company, what other new processes might you embrace?

10. Increased pricing and value

For companies with physical products, changing the composition of your items can bring about higher prices, not only to compensate for any production cost discrepancies, but also because your product just became more valuable. Both product and service-based businesses become more valuable when they contribute to a greater good, and people are willing to pay more.

11. When your practices align with your values, you love what you do and it shows in your work!

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19 gen 2023

So many good ideas here! Quite a few I've never thought of before. #6 is my favorite because I LOVE that feeling of collaboration you describe. I also think #7 is powerful. I certainly look for businesses that highlight their sustainability efforts. It means a lot.

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