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5 BIG benefits of smaller weddings

Less is truly more when it comes to wedding guest counts. Not only does a smaller guest count make a big difference in decreasing your wedding's environmental impact, it can make a big impact on the experience for you and your guests—in the best possible way!

1. More emotional connection with each guest. Imagine how it would feel to invite the people you are truly close to instead of inviting all of the people you “should”. Would you and your partner value sharing your wedding day with the people who are a steady presence in your inner circle? Imagine how awesome it would feel to be surrounded and supported by the love of your closest friends and family as you commit yourselves to each other.

2. More opportunities to focus on authentic design and thoughtful details. With fewer guests to accommodate, you and your partner can more easily create a whole experience that reflects the two of you in deep and meaningful ways. Fewer people means more room to choose design elements for your ceremony and your celebration that feel true to YOU.

3. More budget for locally sourced specialty food and drinks. You can splurge a bit at a local bakery for a cake or dessert that is truly special. There are so many talented cake artists and specialty bakers who would love to create something unique just for you. How about ordering takeout or catering services from a fancy restaurant that you’ve been waiting to go to for a “special occasion”? What could be more special than your wedding day? A local winery, specializing in organic grapes, can also be a great source for your custom celebration. Reach out to small businesses and you can work with them craft an unforgettable meal that supports local farmers and vendors who care as much about the earth as they do preparing delicious food.

4. More time to celebrate with each guest. When you have fewer people at your wedding you all have more time to connect and enjoy the experience together. Instead of your day going by in a mindless blur of quick greetings, how about a slow day filled with quality conversations that strengthen the connections for everyone?

5. More ability to elevate the experience for everyone. With a smaller guest count you can spend more on whatever details mean the most to the two of you. Maybe it’s an epic venue where you all get to stay the whole weekend together on site. Maybe it’s renting rustic farm tables and setting the most gorgeous tables for your loved ones to gather around. Maybe it’s hiring live musicians so you can all dance the night away under the stars.

Know this: Your love is not defined by your wedding date, your flowers, your menu, your venue, or the size of your guest list. It is defined by YOU. So create a celebration that truly expresses your style, your values, your love. With fewer people, you can definitely have more of whatever means the most to you and your partner and gives your guests an unforgettable experience.

Fewer guests truly does = more of everything else!

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